Bottled Water & Salt Delivery

Hot or Cold Water at the Flip of a Switch

Need clean, refreshing water readily available around your home or office? Then you are in need of the bottled water program available from our water solutions company . Aquality Solutions provides an impressive bottled water delivery program for individuals located throughout our East-Central Illinois and West-Central Indiana service area. This business water delivery and home water delivery service ensures you are delivered clean, clear water right to your door on a regular basis so you never have to worry about drinking contaminated water again.

Our  water delivery program ensures that you, your family, your guests, or your employees are able to stay hydrated and refreshed throughout the day no matter what the quality of your tap water is like.

Choosing a Bottled Water Program

There are many benefits that come with starting a bottled water program at your home, office, or place of business. One of the biggest benefits is that you are able to enjoy the clean drinking water you want when you want it. The second is that the convenience of enjoying bottled water actually helps people drink more water overtime. This increased intake helps individuals keep their body properly hydrated while also making it easier to track just how much water you are drinking throughout the day.

One of the other benefits that come with our bottled water delivery program is the enjoyment of drinking water that doesn’t have an unpleasant taste or odor. Metallic tastes and sulfurous odors can quickly turn someone off of drinking the water their body greatly needs. With the water provided by our bottled water program, however, you can ensure water that tastes just like it should, which makes it easier to drink.

Call toll-free at 1-855-MYAQUAHERO to order or get more information on the Crystal Pure bottled water system.

Salt Delivery

Our Outstanding Salt Delivery Service can accommodate a variety of needs:

  • Automatic Call Delivery Reminder (placed to the number of your choice for your home or office delivery)
  • Salt delivered and put right into your salt keeper
  • Key service available
  • Salt dropped off in a designated spot at your home or office chosen by you

Salt Delivery 6 point inspection:

When you sign up for a salt route delivery we will

  1. Inspect salt keeper
  2. Check water level in salt keeper
  3. Fill salt keeper with salt, write down amount, and initial salt keeper sticker
  4. Re-set time of day on unit
  5. Inspect unit for any leaks
  6. Fill chemical reservoir (if applicable)